Aesthetics and Convenience

Your furniture should be both beautiful and practical, and few innovations accomplish that quite like the wallbed. You can instantly turn a spare room into a guestroom, raise the value of a second suite and much more with this simple addition. Not only does this convenient fixture fold away out of your way when you don’t need it out, but our passionate team of experts at Design To Fit Interiors and Matrix Wallbeds will ensure that your new wallbed matches any design layout that you need. There are limitless design options, and our tireless design team will help you choose the perfect colours, style and materials so that you can perfectly match your decor. Our wallbeds come with a softlock, which allows them to open slowly if you let them open on their own, protecting your belongings and your loved ones from harm. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as you dazzle your guests, increase your own convenience, and live big in small spaces.


Desk + Bed

Transform your home office, spruce up your guest room, or revolutionize your second suite by adding a wallbed with a desk. This combination is the epitome of functional innovation, brought to you by the industry leader in convenient design. Your new wallbed will mesh perfectly with your decor while providing a workstation and a sleeping area that take up the same space: an invaluable space-saving solution whether you live in a large house or a small apartment. Beautiful, elegant and practical, the desk simply folds away underneath the wallbed when you pull it down, maximizing the space available for other furniture, and allowing you to turn even the smallest rooms in your home into advanced, comfortable potential work spaces.


Sofa + Bed

Your living room will never be the same after you add a wallbed with a sofa. Whether you want to make the most of the space available in a small apartment, or you want to turn any room into a potential guestroom, this technologically advanced solution is perfect for you. Not only does the couch fold away as the bed is lowered from the wall, but many models even feature a shelf on the wall that folds away at the same time. Our design team will help you customize the perfect solution that will fit your on-the-go lifestyle, and revolutionize the way that you use the space in your own home. You will give any simple room an identity for functionality; simplicity and style does not come any easier! We are happy to offer a free in-home consultation to understand exactly what it is you need to make the most of your home.


3D Modelling

We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology available on the market to bring our clients the best possible service available. Our design team will work with you down to the last detail to make sure that we are customizing the perfect solution for you in terms of decor and functionality. Every member of our team is versed in the most cutting-edge technology, allowing us to show you a 3D rendition of your brand new wallbed before we even put our top-notch materials on the production floor. You will have an exact image in your mind of what you will be installing in your home in a way that drawings and descriptions simply cannot achieve. Trust our team with your space and we will show you exactly how much we will be accomplishing together.