Custom Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of your home and every home is unique. Creating the custom kitchen of your dreams is just around the corner with the help of the Design To Fit Interiors team. Our specialists will work with you right down to the smallest detail, suggesting simple yet innovative solutions to ensure that your vision comes to life. Whether you want something timeless and traditional or sleek and contemporary, our team of experts will help you use your space in ways that you may not even have considered. Every kitchen can be a masterpiece, and yours is no exception. Our organization experts will be happy to provide an in-home consultation to see what we can do for you and your home.

Custom Cabinetry

Create all of the convenience that you need with your very own custom cabinets. Our products are the most technologically advanced and masterfully designed on the market, with innovations like hidden pull-out spice racks bringing an extraordinary level of functionality and simplicity to your life. Every cabinet installed in your home will be beautiful in exactly the way that you want it to be; there is no limitation in size, style, or colour. Bring out your creativity with our stunning accented mullion cabinet doors, or any design that you can think of. Your cabinets will bring your personal touch of class to your home.

Drawers and Cupboards

Use your space effectively and efficiently with stunningly creative drawer and cupboard functionality. We can offer you innovations that defy common conventions, all while working within the style that you have chosen. Cupboards that open downwards on an angle and drawers that open at the push of your fingertips or your knee are just some of the technology that we can bring into your life. You can even transform your fridge into a beautiful fixture that melds perfectly into the rest of your decor. We bring convenience and style into perfect harmony in your home, there is no limitation on what we can achieve for you.

Islands and Countertops

Your counters and surfaces are not only the centerpiece of functionality in your kitchen, they are also crucial elements of your style and decor. Our Design To Fit Interiors team relies on the highest quality materials like MDF, Melamine, Quartz and Natural Stone to bring your dreams to life and to sharpen your style. If you find yourself lacking for storage and counter space then rest assured we can solve that together with the addition of a custom island. Your kitchen’s new island will match the rest of your space perfectly and provide plenty of additional countertop room, as well as space to include more custom cupboards and drawers. Our expert team can easily work around pillars and wires to make your dream a reality, an oasis of functionality is within your grasp.