Custom Storage Options

Our homes contain many storage areas, but oftentimes we are unable to use the space to its fullest potential. Our Design To Fit Interiors team strives to maximize your space by offering suggestions and innovations that will use the space in ways you may not have considered. You can unlock the full potential of all of your storage spaces, from your mudroom and entryway, to every closet in your home with a creative approach to spacial reconfiguration that will blow you away. Every storage space can hold a lot more than you might think, and with our organization experts offering innovative suggestions you can take full advantage of those opportunities. We offer in-home design consultations to help you determine the best solutions for you, and our team will be there for you every step of the way.


Walk-In Closets

Even if your closets are large and spacious storage can often be inconvenient and inefficient. On the other hand, if your closet is smaller than you would like then storage can be difficult and frustrating. No matter the size of the space our team is determined to allow you to make the absolute most of it. With quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology we can help you unlock every square inch of room in your closets that could be put to use. Conveniently and comfortably store much more in each of your closets with our Moderno line, one of our recommended style options.


Hanging Closet Organizer

Consider your days of inconvenient organization long gone. Innovation and ergonomics are crucial elements in your home storage solutions, and here at Design To Fit Interiors we pride ourselves on crafting the best unique solution for you. Our hanging closet organizer is a solution that opens up your organization potential and makes storage and retrieval convenient and ergonomic. Reaching and stooping will be an unpleasant task of the past with our design team guiding your space towards its true potential.


Entranceway and Mudroom

Your guests receive their first impression of the inside of your home in your entranceway or mudroom. Impress every person that walks through your door with your beautiful, innovative decor. We can help you improve the aesthetic quality of your entranceway or mudroom and create unique, intuitive storage solutions at the same time. Your shoe racks and drawers will hold your belongings and the belongings of your guests without getting underfoot, perfect for dinner parties and other events. Your day-to-day storage will be optimized and convenient, making leaving and entering your home the best part of going out.