Custom Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Bathrooms and laundry rooms in your home serve very specific purposes and they should be functional and beautiful. Innovative storage in these spaces can make a huge difference in how these spaces are used, and a lot more essentials get stored here than you might think. The Design To Fit Interiors team strives to meet the needs of you and your lifestyle so that you can appreciate these spaces to their fullest. From custom cabinets and vanities, to vanity towers and even lighting, no design is off limits and no style is out of the question. We can make these vital rooms in your home achieve a level of creative functionality and beauty that you may not have thought possible, all according to how you personally want them to look and feel. We provide in-home consultations that will help us understand your needs, and we will help you achieve your home’s potential.


Custom Cabinetry

Our innovative cabinet technology and design will reinvent utility and style in your bathrooms and laundry rooms. Our team will work with you down to the smallest detail to ensure that your new storage spaces are exactly what you need and expect. Your new cabinets will be visual masterpieces made from the highest quality materials. Whether you need wooden doors to keep a classy traditional look, or accented glass doors with beautiful mullions for that sharp contemporary look, our professional design team will bring your dream to life. We strive to make all of your spaces inspiring and beautiful while making them more functional than ever before.


Vanities and Vanity Towers

Beautiful and functional furniture is the cornerstone of a beautiful and functional space. Our team is committed to quality of construction and prestigious design that will fit any decor, from the most traditional to the most modern, and anywhere in between. Each vanity is a unique item of furniture that should be custom designed to your needs: one size does not fit all. Whatever products you plan to keep here should be welcomed into shelves and drawers perfectly designed to accommodate them, and our industry leading designs and technology ensure that you will always have enough space. Vanities can come in many forms, and if you prefer to add a vanity tower to even further increase the space you have available our team of experts will ensure that the whole setup matches your decor, and fulfills all of your needs.



When planning the details of your dream home it is crucial to consider lighting. Even the most stunning decor needs the right lighting to be seen in all of its beauty. Whether you have a deep chocolate wooden finish in your traditional laundry room, or a sleek, clean metal finish in your contemporary bathroom, well-planned lighting goes a long way towards bringing out the best aspects of your beautiful design. Our passionate design team will be happy to assist you with an in-home consultation that will help us determine your needs, while keeping your goals and your dreams at the forefront of our creative process. Your dream home should be perfectly beautiful as well as functional, and no element will be overlooked as we help you turn this dream into your reality.