Custom Basements

Your basement is a large and essential part of your home. Whether you are using it for storage, for entertainment, or even as a spare room or rental suite, you need your basement to be innovative and beautiful. We never stop designing what you desire, and we will introduce you to top-of-the-industry innovation on spacial reconfiguration that you never thought possible. Your new storage room, guest room, or second suite will be perfect for your needs and stunning to behold.


Custom Storage

Our storage technology innovation is top-of-the-line and on the cutting-edge. We set the trends in the industry with our unique designs and our clients are the ones that benefit from our work. The days of a messy basement storage area can soon be in the past, with beautifully designed and practical cabinets, drawers, shelves, racks, and other furniture. Your space will be optimized for accessibility, comfort, aesthetics and utility. With unlimited potential for style, design, colour and material combinations we will find the decor that you desire most, and we will ensure that you never have to scramble for storage space again. Trust our passionate experts with one of the most important spaces in your house, and you will soon find that even the simplest storage areas can be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home.


Second Suite

If you are planning on turning your basement into a second suite for your loved ones or for rental purposes, you want to make sure that it is beautiful and comfortable. Many homeowners are choosing to create second suites in their homes for the rental income, and to raise their property value. Our Design To Fit Interiors team will work with you to make sure that your new second suite is stunning and practical, which can help you find a tenant much faster, and can even increase your rental income. Even if you do not plan to rent, you can ensure that your family members or other loved ones are living in a home that is inspiring, with quality furniture and consistent decor. The sky is the limit, and our team would love to discover exactly what your vision is for your space with an in-home consultation.


Entertainment and Wetbar

Entertainment areas in our home can increase property value, but more importantly they represent a space where we can go relax and enjoy ourselves, or a space where we can bring our guests. Whether you are looking to create or renovate a home theater, a wetbar, or any other kind of entertainment space our team will make sure that it becomes exactly what you want it to be. Relying on the highest quality materials on the market we will make sure that your space is functional and inspiring. Our team never cuts corners, and we will be with you every step of the way so that our innovative storage solutions match up perfectly with the traditional or contemporary style that you want from your new basement.


Guest Room

Basements are often used as guest rooms, and as homeowners it is important to make sure that our dear guests are staying in comfortable, intuitive spaces. Innovations like custom cabinetry and wallbeds will play a huge part in determining if the room matches the decor in the rest of the house, and if our guests enjoyed their stay in our home. The Design To Fit Interiors design team is committed to turning your dream basement into your reality; we are not just helping you create the perfect style, we are helping you create lasting memories.

Guest Room bedroom