is a subsidiary company, owned and operated by Design to Fit Interiors Inc. It specifically focuses on designing, manufacturing and distribution of wall beds (Murphy Beds) cabinetry through online ordering and distribution. This technological advancement is designed towards the customer’s convenience of imputing measurements into a virtual room, adding the specific bed from our gallery to choosing accessories. We believe in order to give the customer the very best experience and the least amount of stress in choosing the best solution for their room. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that gives the customer a complete understanding of the process and the pricing as well.  All of our custom cabinetry is manufactured at our manufacturing plant in Toronto, not shipped from another country where we are unsure of the workmanship and quality. specializes in wall bed (Murphy bed) cabinetry. This cabinetry can consist of many facets to the situation you may have, namely, total conversion of a den to a space bedroom / office, or bedroom / office / library, the possibilities are endless.  Our mobile design team will ensure that the quality and design aspects are up to the customer’s standards and expectations for their particular situation.  Many condominium units today are built small and cramped and our beds are specifically designed for such a situation.


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