Dear Business Partner

Re: Design to Fit Interiors Inc.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to review this document. DTF is a complete forward-thinking manufacturing and design company with over 22 years in the industry that brings excellence and style to the end user. DTF has enjoyed its many residential and commercial projects from simple “reach in” closet organizers to prestigious law offices to restaurants around the GTA area that put their ultimate trust in us. Enclosed is a debriefing of our company, a sample of its projects and its history, policies, business mandates, compliance and code of conduct. If you wish to discuss any concerns that you may have, I will be more than happy to meet and we can work out the best service plan to suit our business partner’s needs. We truly appreciate your time in this matter and grateful for the trust you've placed in us. Please don't hesitate to Email: or or call us at 416-741-3980 or at the office at: 416-741-3980.

Yours very truly,

Paul Chattarpaul

President Design to Fit Interiors Inc.

126 Rivalda Road, Toronto, On M9M 2M8
Phone: 416-741-3980
Fax: 416-741-3920

Custom: Kitchens, Cabinetry, Commercial, Wall Beds, Bathrooms and More

DTF’s esteemed reputation in the custom kitchen and cabinet manufacturing industry goes unparalleled with our many past and current customers and business projects that have been very successful in many ways. From the outset of the initial meeting to the serviceability upon completion of the project.

At DTF, we have formed many relationships from our top referral partners and corporate clients that have been very pleased with our design consultants and products. Design to Fit Interiors Inc. , a Canadian based manufacturing company that designs and produces custom cabinetry, kitchens, closets and wall bed cabinetry specifically for home and commercial to the customer’s specifications and décor of their home or business. We are not the only company that produces pristine products that suit the needs of the customer, but what sets us apart from the competition, that we match each staff member to a specific task and work within a project management team. This in fact stipulates each step and more organized as a result.

DTF Expansion Plans April 2016

One of our missions have come into fruition with our new retail showroom at the Improve Canada (Home Improvement Centre) located at 7250 Keele Street, Toronto, Ont. L4K 1Z8. This is a new retail facility, DTF is at a advantage over the competition in many ways of facilitating a convenient location for the clients to come in and view our products and materials. Secondly, we will have a Design Consultant Representative on site at all times so they are able to sketch out a plan for you on the spot.


Location Assessment and Planning

An experienced and esteemed team of design consultants will be visiting your location to get an true understanding of the project and undertake a project analysis. This analysis will consist of a detailed outline of the design that the client chooses. Our consultants will be assigned to this project and will act as an Account Manager to see through the project at every step of the way.

Design Consultation and Rendering Project Analysis DTF is a progressive and innovative company with 25 years experience in the industry has molded its operations to meet today’s standards of customer needs. This will entail home and / or work meetings to suit your schedule.


DTF’s experience and education in the areas of specialty design from the outset of your specific design from choosing specific styled materials, wood types and area assessment, to measurements and to troubleshoot possible foreseeable issues. This is our main aspects of our business model; is to ensure that we are planning the project in the most efficient and sufficient way to meet your deadlines.

What DTF Has to Offer Our Business Partners

 Commitment and Professionalism.
 Over 22 years industry experience.
 Proven track record of satisfied customers.
 Continuous market presence and penetration through various social marketing and community involvement.
 Innovative product designs.
 Track record of residential and commercial connections In the GTA.
 Excellent customer service and mobile design consultants.
 Our expansion plans into Improve Canada (Home Improvement Centre).
 Our corporate expansion plans for Wall Bed Cabinetry.
 Our staff of experienced professionals in client management and product innovation.
 Mobile design specialists.

Remodeling and Home Design